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The Ghostly Guilty Brother

St William's College in College Street is home to both internal and external spectres. On the steps outside the College the ghost of an old lady smiles pleasantly at passers by, presumably not carrying the weight of the guilty soul who's disquieted spirit paces the upstairs corridors and rooms of the college to this day.

St Williams
St Williams' College

This particular ghost is the guilty sibling who died a broken man after years of tormenting self recrimination at turning-in his brother for a murder they had both jointly committed. In the 16th Century the two brothers, presumably down on their luck, had lain in wait in the darkness of the Minster Yard with the intent to rob a wealthy priest. Slitting their victim's throat and making off with his money and other personal valuables, the guilty pair retuned to their lodgings at the college. However, the younger brother, overcome with remorse at their crime locked himself along with his share of the ill-gotten gains in a cupboard. Fearing his brother's resolve, the elder reported his sibling to the authorities.

Immediately arrested, tried and subsequently hung, in spite of his elder brother's betrayal, the younger never gave away that the pair of them were culpable. As a consequence, wracked with remorse at his less than fraternal actions the elder brother fell into a decline, pacing his lodgings night and day until he too met any early grave, but clearly not eternal rest.

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